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We’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus, but will be back soon.

In case you missed it, here’s the most recent episodes:

Episode 11: The 40 Year-Old Virgin with Erin Gambrill
The 40 Year-Old Virgin is a sex-positive parallel to The Oh in Ohio, and we all loved it despite a very questionable turn towards the end. This whole film is about why all guys should be like Andy Stitzer and why everyone should be smitten with Catherine Keener. Paul Rudd is back to peak Paul Rudd-cuteness, even with a questionable haircut and his character turning into a jerk halfway through the movie. PLUS we learn about Larissa’s goal to be sexual and vaguely threatening — just like Jane Lynch.

Episode 12: Travel Man with Amber Stewart
Richard Ayoade takes Paul to Helsinki for 48 hours and it is the Pure Paul Rudd Bliss that we’ve been searching for. Amber reveals yet another truth about Paul Rudd: you can dare him to do anything and he’ll always accept. Plus, we discuss Tiger Dome Island, why licorice is terrible and Larissa’s plan to kidnap the Finnish president’s dog.
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Jason Voorhees did not have a Train Obsession

I was SHOCKED to find this out when I guested on the Kill By Kill podcast this week. Surprising no one, I completely misunderstood a key point of the Friday the 13th franchise but I still stand by my assumption as a reasonable one.

In addition to my ridiculousness, hosts Patrick Hamilton and Gena Radcliffe and I discuss the why everyone in the 80s was obsessed with their friends’ virginity, the improbability of shower sex, and how to #GetBunked. Plus, we get to feminine gaze the hell out of Patrick which is a fun time for all!

Download Episode 18 – Friday the 13th The Final Chapter on iTunes

Ladies, Indeed, Love Paul Rudd

Ladies Love Paul Rudd, it’s a fact. So my co-host, Larissa, and I started this podcast for ladies appreciating all things Paul Rudd. We discuss and appreciate his films, tv shows and appearances — and we’re going to feminine gaze the hell out of him while doing so.

There are three episodes so far!

Ep 1: Clueless with Amy and Larissa

Ep 2: I Love You Man with Meghan Griffin

Ep 3: Halloween 6 with Gena Radcliffe

Plus, you can join us on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @LLPaulRudd

The Songs That Saved My Life

I was so thrilled to be on “The Songs that Saved Your Life,” a podcast about the 3 songs that had the biggest impact on you when you were 15 years old. This is basically my origin story of how 120 Minutes changed my life and introduced me to Camper Van Beethoven, The Stone Roses and Nine Inch Nails, all of which had a profound effect on me.

I loved this discussion and have thought about it a lot ever since. In addition to talking about how NIN gave so many girls a cathartic outlet for their anger and why Camper Van Beethoven changed the way I thought about longing, I tell my utterly dorky story about Siouxsie and the Banshees at the first Lollapalooza. AND you’ll learn about my long lasting love for much I love mix tapes/cds. (Please, please make me a mix cd!)

Listen to The Songs that Saved Your Life here (yay Ear Trumpet Audio Network).

Still Quite Clueless

I’m back on “As If,” where Larissa and I make it a Ladies Week to discuss:

+ Cher’s disastrous driving test
+ Addressing the mystery of WHO DROVE CHER TO HER TEST?!?
+ Tai moving on from her Elton crush
+ Why Tai is a crappy friend
+ How Larissa was an utterly adorable Australian teenager in Blossom hats, listening to Nate Dogg and Warren G
+ Being super creepy weirdo teenagers with crushes
+ The Awesomeness of Ron Orbach
+ Super controversial declarations about hackey sacks and more
+ Our Groundbreaking comparison of Cher to Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation

Check out minutes 73-77 here:

New Podcast: AS IF!

I love “Clueless” so very much and I’m super excited that I get to host two weeks “As If,” the podcast that discusses the movie minute-by-minute. It’s been great fun to listen to over the past few weeks and you should check definitely check it out on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc.

This is my first week, and we kick everything off with Cher getting mugged.

Get them all: As If on Shoutengine and As If on iTunes