New Podcast: AS IF!

I love “Clueless” so very much and I’m super excited that I get to host two weeks “As If,” the podcast that discusses the movie minute-by-minute. It’s been great fun to listen to over the past few weeks and you should check definitely check it out on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, etc.

This is my first week, and we kick everything off with Cher getting mugged.

Get them all: As If on Shoutengine and As If on iTunes

The Importance of “Live Watching”

There’s an emotional element (outside of the connection to the story) that’s missing when binge-watching a TV series instead of watching it week-to-week. You don’t get the experience of watching a story unfold over many months, the anticipation of a new episode and with it new developments, the rush when discussing it with friends — and the excitement once you’ve found a fandom filled with people who understand your love and become your partners in all of those experiences. I still marathon a ton of shows, but I am hard-pressed to think of any viewing that evokes the same long-term emotional highs of the shows I come back for every week, and every year.

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Hudson Valley Winter Book Fair!

On Saturday, December 12, I’ll be in Beacon, New York for the Hudson Valley Winter Book Fair with a plethora of writers from the area. You should come by! Books make excellent gifts and I’ll have copies of “Joss Whedon: The Biography.”

(I might also have cookies, so you should definitely come because I make excellent cookies.)

It’s from 11a – 5p at the First Presbyterian Church in Beacon. 
GPS address: 50 Liberty St, Beacon, New York 12508

Hudson Valley Winter Book Fair Poster FINAL