I have been lucky to have so many people share such great personal memories and stories about Joss — I wish that the biography could be twice the size to get everything in. But as books, as well as TV episodes and movies have their time/space limitations, I will be sharing some of the things that didn’t make in here.

To start — I asked one question to every person I interviewed: “What three things does everyone need to know about Joss Whedon?” Many of the answers are sprinkled throughout the book, but some of my favorites were cut:

Kai Cole (Joss’s wife):

  • He doesn’t drink coffee, he drinks Typhoo tea and is very particular about how it is served: with half and half, and three little, little teaspoons of sugar.
  • He loves McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. He doesn’t eat bad food anymore, but I think he misses the Happy Meal toys.

Jane Espenson:

  • He once made ceviche out of his own hands by going out in the sun with lemon juice on them – his hands were mittened in bandages for weeks.


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