Ladies Love Paul Rudd
While spending a week together on the Clueless podcast, As If, Amy Pascale and Larissa Chapman spent a lot of time talking about Paul Rudd, whether he was in the scene or not. Which is natural, because Ladies Love Paul Rudd. So they decided to start a podcast where they discuss all things Paul Rudd, and will going to feminine and feminist-gaze the hell out of him while doing so. 

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2016: As If: The Clueless Podcast
I love “Clueless” so very much and I’m super excited that I got to host two weeks “As If,” the podcast that discusses the movie minute-by-minute. Check out minutes 43-47 and 73-77.

I’ve been honored to be a guest on several podcasts (you can hear my raspy voice and legendary boisterous laugh!)

Falling in Love Montage: Some Kind of Wonderful
I have A LOT of feelings about Some Kind of Wonderful, and have probably seen the movie and read the novelization at least 100 times combined. I’m so thrilled that I got to discuss why I love it so much with Helen and Valerie of the Falling in Love Montage podcast.

We talked so much, there’s a bonus episode!

Kill By Kill: Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter
I was SHOCKED to find out that Jason Vorhees does not have a train obsession when I guested on the Kill By Kill podcast this week. Surprising no one, I completely misunderstood a key point of the Friday the 13th franchise but I still stand by my assumption as a reasonable one.

Kill By Kill: Friday the 13th Part 7 vol 4

Loose Canon: The Legend of Billie Jean
Caroline and Loose Canon Podcast let me gush about my great love for The Legend of Billie Jean and how Helen Slater helped shape my thoughts on feminism at a young age. Not to mention my huge crush on Keith Gordon and the brilliant (really!) commentary on how the media demonizes and deifies “villains” in the news.

The Songs That Saved Your Life
What 3 songs that had the biggest impact on you when you were 15 years old? This is basically my origin story of how 120 Minutes changed my life and introduced me to Camper Van Beethoven, The Stone Roses and Nine Inch Nails, all of which had a profound effect on me.

The Reelist: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Does Snow White belong in the AFI’s top 100? Why do so many dark-haired little girls love Snow White? Isn’t the Evil Queen the best ever? Are the seven dwarves really that charming? I happily discussed all of this with Dave Stone-Robb on The Reelist podcast.

The Reelist: North by Northwest

Dear Show
On the podcast of unqualified advice, we give our suggestions for dating with an STD.

8.13.2014: Geek Culture Podcast — Catfishing Amy

8.24.2014: Sending A Wave: The UK Firefly and Serenity Podcast — The One with Amy Pascale

8.24.2014: SciFi4Me Book Month: Live from the Bunker with Amy Pascale

9.26.2014: Interview with Sean Moncrieff on Ireland’s Newstalk