Fast Company/Co.Create: Life and Work Lessons from Joss Whedon’s Biography

I’ve been honored to be a guest on several podcasts (you can hear my raspy voice and legendary boisterous laugh!)

2016: As If: The Clueless Podcast
I love “Clueless” so very much and I’m super excited that I get to host two weeks “As If,” the podcast that discusses the movie minute-by-minute. Check out minutes 43-47 and 73-77.

2016: The Songs That Saved Your Life
What 3 songs that had the biggest impact on you when you were 15 years old? This is basically my origin story of how 120 Minutes changed my life and introduced me to Camper Van Beethoven, The Stone Roses and Nine Inch Nails, all of which had a profound effect on me.

2016: Dear Show
On the podcast of unqualified advice, we give our suggestions for dating with an STD.

8.13.2014: Geek Culture Podcast — Catfishing Amy

8.24.2014: Sending A Wave: The UK Firefly and Serenity Podcast — The One with Amy Pascale

8.24.2014: SciFi4Me Book Month: Live from the Bunker with Amy Pascale

9.26.2014: Interview with Sean Moncrieff on Ireland’s Newstalk