The Importance of “Live Watching”

There’s an emotional element (outside of the connection to the story) that’s missing when binge-watching a TV series instead of watching it week-to-week. You don’t get the experience of watching a story unfold over many months, the anticipation of a new episode and with it new developments, the rush when discussing it with friends — and the excitement once you’ve found a fandom filled with people who understand your love and become your partners in all of those experiences. I still marathon a ton of shows, but I am hard-pressed to think of any viewing that evokes the same long-term emotional highs of the shows I come back for every week, and every year.

After listening to the Nerdist Writers’ Panel on Dawson’s Creek (ATX Festival 2015), I decided to rewatch the series finale. I remember sobbing over this ending when it first aired– way, way more than I had expected to. Upon rewatch, it’s definitely a bit more cheesy than I remember — especially in the first hour — but man, there are moments that are still making me cry and there’s some good commentary on life in here from Kevin Williamson. I don’t know if it’s because this show is so connected to a certain part of my life, but I actually feel a loss knowing that this is the last one (even though the last 2 seasons were terrible).

Inspired by this nostalgia and the desire to recapture that feeling, I’m doing a Jessica Jones weekly rewatch with some friends — complete with a closed discussion board on Facebook. If you are interested, please join us!